Feedback Offer For Hotels

The fastest way to make progress is to hear feedback from you, the user.

So, what we propose is...

Get a one-off, 180-day rate snapshot for your hotel,

in exchange for 15 minutes of your time

where we will look into your rate snapshot together.

No pitching, we just want to hear your thoughts and ideas on improvement.

You will keep your access to the rate snapshot afterwards.


Click the button to send us the target hotel details and book that call.

Request a Proposal

We're currently in a closed testing phase with a limited number of customers.

Drop us an email and describe your needs, and we will get back to you with a proposal.

p.s. If you're representing a tech company, the offer stands. However you might need a longer call - use >this booking link< instead.

p.p.s. If you're representing a hotel please make sure that the person responsible for the distribution strategy of the hotel is on the call.

p.p.p.s. if you see no availability on the booking calendar it means we're booked out, please contact us via email

We reserve the right to cancel a call at our discretion.

Enterprise inquiries - Custom Services

If you would like to discuss customized services for larger inventories, please reach out to us directly via this form, or email us at hi [at]

Hotel Groups and Chains

Group setup and need assessment

Hotel Tech providers

Larger inventories with different usage needs

Hotel Management

Diverse portfolios and needs


Revenue management, marketing, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and usecases

  • General
  • Usage
Is there a Contract I have to sign?

Absolutely not, you can use a month-by month model, you can switch subscription models, or cancel your subscription anytime. Note that we will not refund your subscription for that month if it's been processed.

How does the automated monitoring work?

We will set up your automated rate watchdog to deliver fresh results at the time of day of your choosing.

In contrast, on-demand rate pulls are triggered manually any time you want them.

Do my free credits roll over? What about the additional credits I purchase?

Free Credits do not roll over, so make sure you use them either on your own hotel or to scout what your competitive set is doing.

You can use a credit on any hotel anywhere, be creative. You can for instance check what rate strategies some famous hotels are using and see it that makes sense to adapt to your own property. Endless possibilities.

Additional credits are valid for 60 days from time of purchase.

Is there a Free Trial?

No, we don't offer a free trial.

You can however see exactly what quality of data you get by checking our Live Example page and playing around with the interactive report there. That is real-time data you can see there, and you can verify it by searching for the hotel and the dates on google to see what the OTAs are going for.

Is there a yearly discount?

Yes, absolutely. There is a two-months free discount if you sign up and pay for a year in advance. In this case there are no refunds if you decide to stop using the tool some months in so please think carefully.

What's the difference between on-demand credits and scheduled plan?

The most important differences are that schedules work for your own property, while on demand you can pull the rates of your hotel OR of any hotel worldwide.

This makes for some very interesting investigative work if you'd like to check your competitors, or if you'd like to examine how some famous or successful properties structure their rates.

How is the data and reports delivered?

At the moment the delivery is via email, where you get all your raw data and the full interactive chart in html format (can be opened in any browser).

We're working on a user interface that will be the home of all of your rates data, very soon.

Do you deliver raw rate data as well?

Yes absolutely, you can get an export of your raw data - so all the rates detected, in csv format.

For some hotels we've seen over 130 000 data points generated in a single day of 180 days monitoring.

Do you have UI already?

As of right now it's in progress and very close to being released. Our interactive reports however provide all the data already, for all days the scan is set to run, and this at a glance so you can immediately see who is doing shady stuff with your rates.

How dynamic is the data really?

We wanted to check the same. Our initial assumption was that if the hotel doesn't change their rates much, the OTA should be more or less the same. Wrong. Check on our front page an animated version of a 24-h monitoring interval of a hotel to see how incredibly dynamic the rates are.

What can I do with this information?

You can immediately see which OTA and at what dates is undercutting your direct channel, or whatever you've set up as your rate plans in your channel manager.

You can and should reach out to your account managers there to discuss why the rates are as they are. You should also send cease and desist letters to any uncontracted OTAs that you catch.

Can I monitor a competitive set?

Yup, definitely! You can set the watchdog to go get the rates of any hotel anywhere in the world. If you'd prefer to automate it please reach out and we'll see how to best set it up.

Should I switch off wholesalers if they're feeding third-party OTAs with offline rates?

This will be a point of discussion as we go along, but the main issue with wholesalers has been the lack of control and visibility of rate leakage. You now have the means to understand where your rates end up. So it might be that you can use them even more than before, but safely.

How open are you to new feature suggestions?

Absolutely open, we listen closely to our customers and hear ideas on how to help them use this data more effectively.

We are still only at the beginning, customer feedback is absolutely crucial in our eyes.

What's the best way to send feedback and questions?

We would absolutely love to hear all of your thoughts and ideas, and especially what features could be useful for you to work with this data more effectively.

Feel free to send us an email at hi [at]!

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