Seeing all your public rates has never been faster or easier

Hunting down offenders becomes an easy task, when you're not flying blind anymore.

  •     FRESH DATA    
All Rates per Day 
Drill into Points

See rates per day or per OTA

See all rates advertised for that day, or drill in to check each "bubble"

We don't hide the data, no percentages and vague estimates. You see every single OTA on every single data refresh.

All the data, at a glance, for your hotel or any hotel in the world.


Pan and Zoom Data

Move around the dataviz to drill into the data or get an overview

Our data visualization allows your to move through time with the pan tool in the toolbar.

Using the wheel zoom on the axes changes the scale of the data allowing you to drill in.


How does the direct rate compare to others for that day?

Are you sure your direct booking engine is the cheapest? How about 67 days from now? Or any day inbetween?

A new way to protect your hotel and your hard-earned revenue.

    FRESH DATA    

Data as fresh as you need it

Pick between automated rate pulls, on demand, or a combination - depending on your needs!

By monitoring many hotels as part of our data research, we've noticed that OTAs and resellers change rates from hour to hour, sometimes even more often.

You can fetch rates as often as you wish, and provide historical evidence of rate manipulation you can always use if they claim that you had a lower rate at some point in time.

Technical requirements?


No special integrations needed, and we don't use any local data - it's simply not accurate enough for our standards.

We also don't connect to OTAs in any way - using their APIs would be flat-out stupid.

All data comes from the current, public rates on OTAs and metasearches.

Easiest Start Ever:

Identify the hotel - easiest with the hotel's Google travel profile link
Set up automatic snapshots or trigger on-demand
Get rates in a complex but understandable visualization
Time to delivery?
Currently it takes 12 seconds to fetch rates for one hotel for 6-months forward + a few more to build the visualization. That is around 160 000 data points in 12 seconds.

What to consider before working with us

How to get this data for your hotel or clients?

It's a dead-easy process to start, no setup fees and you can check the results in minutes.

Pick your starting point

Automated and usage-based solutions

Send us your hotel information

In order to tell the rate defender where to look

Data delivery

We're working on a UI, but for now we deliver raw data via API, S3, email etc.

Our visualization can be embedded into any page or system via a simple .js

Fix Your Rates

Congratulations, you're no longer flying blind! Now you can track down offenders, you can see why and where you're losing revenue and you can plug those holes in the bucket.


There are different ways and goals when sourcing data like this.

Monitoring can be scheduled at any frequency that makes sense for you (hourly, daily, X times per day

Once there is a steady frequency of snapshots, they provide a very interesting stream of data that can show you what is really going on with your market rates. See the animations and videos on this site for examples. We can provide more, please reach out to talk.

Uses of this data far surpass just regular rate monitoring. If you are running ad campaigns then it definitely makes sense to know when you are and aren't the cheapest, even before you venture into fixing the rate leak problem.

Since we are not limited by any local integration whatsoever, we can create rate snapshots of any hotel in the world. This means you can see the rate dynamics and planning of your competitors, you can analyze strategies of revenue managers, you can teach your staff about rate planning etc.

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