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Catch Rogue Rates, Protect Your Revenue

You're Getting Undercut. We Help You Stop It.

24-h rate dynamics monitoring of a single hotel in the USA

Get a complete outlook of public-facing rates for your own hotel or any hotel worldwide, for up to 360 days range.

We protect hoteliers from rogue, uncontracted rates and rate undercutting, through unique, high-frequency rate monitoring.

Get scheduled or on-demand reports of every single rate out there for your hotel, for up to 360 days range

See exactly :

  • all public rates for your hotel, for every day up to a year upfront
  • fresh data when ever you need it - automated or on demand
  • dynamics of rates at a frequency of your choice - even hourly
  • all rates for every day refreshed on every rate scrape
  • analyze your own hotel or any property worldwide - learn from how the best hotels in the world structure their pricing

Protect your rates with real time information, sourced where your guests are looking.

"So how do you plug holes in a leaky bucket blindfolded?!

That’s the problem with rate leakage, there’s little visibility over where the leak is in order to fix it."

Hi! We are a UK-based startup, who used to be hoteliers and hotel technology consultants ourselves!

We've spent years watching hotels fight distribution problems, and helping them protect their brands.

Our mission is to put an end to this ever-increasing problem by giving hoteliers their "sight" and control back, with the help of cutting-edge data gathering technology.

Stay ahead of the game.

Fight fraudsters on your own terms.

Common opinion in the industry is that rates are fairly static out in the wild...

That's because no-one measured them properly. Until now.

See below how the rate dynamics look for a hotel in the United States, over ONLY a 24h period, 180 days outlook.

This is why hoteliers need help hunting down these rogue rates!

Chart legend: direct booking engine,, tripadvisor, booking, expedia,, others

Want to know the absolutely terrifying thing about the data above?

Notice the jump in OTA rates up and down at certain hours?

That's exactly when the revenue managers of this hotel go home for the day, and come in the morning...

These guys target the hotel when they know nobody is looking.

Why tracking your rates is critical to protecting your revenue

Most hoteliers have no way of knowing what's going on with their rates in the wild.

How would you know if some OTA undersells your rooms at 2 am and targets a date 3 months from now?

How do you find this information without hours of searching?

You see falling revenues, fewer and fewer direct bookings, but can't pinpoint the problem...

No wonder, a human can't be around 24/7 to constantly look after what's actually being sold and where.

Rate leakage has become a hit'n'run business!

Rate shoppers typically look at just a few sources, once a day, and then only at a few specific dates in the future. They also oftentimes source their data from offender's own APIs, and not where your guests are actually searching.

What kind of sense does that make?

Rogue Rates?

Not any more!

We'll find almost every OTA publicly advertising your rates, exactly what your guests would see when booking your hotel.

For up to 360 days in advance.

Hoteliers simply can't afford to leave their rates unchecked.

You can't compete if you don't know what's being advertised.

We understand hoteliers. And we don't like to see them getting ripped off.

No more flying blind, let us help you find and act against rogue rates.

Monitor and analyze who is doing what with your rates, from a single fresh report

Do you know how many sneaky or uncontracted OTA undercut your rates?

How would you know if it was a random date months from now? What about in an hour or two?

You've probably already played whack-a-mole with wholesalers by creating fake bookings on unknown sites to discover where the rate came from.

Before you can solve this problem, you need to first understand and see the scope of potential losses, and not in a vague, percentage-based way that doesn't tell you anything of value.

You need to see exactly who is undercutting you at that given moment, for months in advance.

There's a lot of room to hide in between now and 180 days from now.

Receive a complete dataset every time our Rate Defender runs out and gets your rates

This means:

  • Rates on every single OTA we could find for that hotel
  • For every check-in day from time of detection + up to 360 days (unlike others we do check for every day, on every single Defender run)
  • CSV format for all detected rates and three different data "views" + data visualization for quick overview like on the live example here
  • UI for easier reporting coming soon!

How this data helps you prevent losses, increase revenue, and puts the power back into your hands in one easy go

Fast and as often as you want

Unlike some older tech in this space, we can get the rate data in super-short time increments, think minutes.

Everyone thinks the OTAs don't change rates a lot. Check the 24h sequences on this page for your own conclusions.

Real, Guest-Facing Rates

We don't use OTA-provided rate connections. That would be like asking a fox if she ate the chicken... While feathers are flying in the coop behind her.

Our tech fetches guest-facing rates in real-time.

Easy to Understand

Our product is very early stage, but we provide data in different levels of complexity, suitable for a quick overview or a deep dive - your choice.

You will be the first to get access to our new UI as we launch it.

CompSet Monitoring

Nobody said we could only get the rates for your hotel.

Want to know how your CompSet is doing? No problem.

Want to see how any hotel, anywhere in the world structures their pricing?

No problem.

Group Reporting

Is your hotel part of a group?

We would happily extend our service to the whole group and enable your team to get the same benefits.

Understanding the needs and benefits of the whole group would help shape the data and product to better fit you.

Early Bird Supporter

We will be adding users according to signups to our list, and will be working closely with our clients to understand their needs and how we can help the most.

Think of it as VIP treatment, chance to put in your feedback and have us build features that matter to you.

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