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We help hoteliers catch rogue rates on any channel

Rate Defender is a comprehensive, fully automated and continuous hotel rate monitoring service designed specifically to combat rate undercutting.

Rate Defender is a MetricsDriven brand.

We are a small team of multipotentialites with strong backgrounds in hotel technology and consulting, data engineering and coding, natural sciences and marketing.

Our colorful backgrounds allow us to cross-pollinate our work with unique insights and problem-solving ideas.

Our company, MetricsDriven LTD, is a UK-based data engineering and data science business focusing on the hotel industry.

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Our Mission

Hotels distribute their rooms across many channels, but it's almost impossible to know what your guests are really seeing when they search to book your hotel.

What if one (or many) of those channels are publishing rates you never approved for, on a random check-in date months from now?

This is a huge black box, and the challenge we have accepted to solve.

We help you learn exactly who is selling your rooms for how much, and who and when is undercutting the rate of your own direct website.

Rate Defender monitors rates on all major and minor distribution channels, regardless of if they're contracted by the hotels or not.

It identifies undercutting, and shows you in real time any instances that present a direct threat to your revenue or bookings, for any date in the future.

We do not use any standard travel APIs to get rates as that completely defeats the point and gives inaccurate results.

Instead, we detect, in real-time, what your guests would actually see.

Our Services

Rate Defender is just one of the products and services of MetricsDriven.

We happily accept challenges on data engineering projects, custom integrations, CRO investigations, technical website/app problems, etc.

Our specialty are large datasets of hotels meant to enable sales teams to target their Ideal Customer Profiles.

We're problem-solving junkies, basically 😅

• Rate Monitoring

• Competitive Set monitoring

• Hotel Firmographic Datasets

• Hotel Technographic Datasets

• Conversion Science on sites and apps

• Custom integrations and API dev for hotel SaaS

• Large Country-based Hotel Profiling Datasets

• Hotel Technology Consulting based on best practices and industry experience

Have a specific project in mind you'd like to work with us on?

Send us a quick note and a short description, we're happy to talk.

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